THURSDAY JULY 5 2018, 5.30PM
Sir Paul Reeves Building, AUT


An Awakened
Leadership Experience

We live in a world fraught with complexity, volatility and rapid changE

It can be a huge challenge to keep up with innovation and technology developments and predict what is required moving into an unknown future.       

As leaders we need to look into our hearts as well our minds; to be open and vulnerable to prepare for the changing landscape of work in a New Zealand underpinned by technology, to think about morality and ethics in the face of the unknown and to call out and address the place for, and misuse of, technology in the workforce.   

This year’s Dinner with a Difference explored how we prepare ourselves, our people, and our organisations’ to adapt and respond, or indeed drive change in the face of automation, AI and unknown technological advances.

It’s time for Awakened Leadership


Within a future-focused organisation, it should not be possible to discern seniority from age.
— Frances Valintine


Justin Flitter

Justin Flitter

Founder of the TECH.KIWI Business Community for Emerging Technology, NewZealand.ai and Producer of major tech events like AI-DAY and The AI Show monthly events and videos. Justin is passionate about supporting business leaders learning about the opportunities Artificial Intelligence could provide their businesses and the impact it could have on people and society.

Jerome Faury

Jerome Faury

Jerome is Group General Manager at world-leading blockchain venture studio Centrality. Previous to Centrality, Jerome was one of the founding members of Payment Express, turning it into one of the largest processors in AsiaPac, and transacting more than $40 billion per annum across more than 15,000 merchants. He has led many key innovations, including cashless vending, tokenisation, IP EFTPOS and direct to scheme and bank links. Jerome currently leads CentraPay, connecting consumers and retailers directly, leveraging digital assets and smart contracts on blockchain to provide next generation payment experiences.

Amanda Judd



Amanda Judd is CEO of Kai, a social enterprise on a mission to regenerate our food system using systems science, human centred design and creation of technology. Amanda is well known as the founder of LoveNotes and proponent of “Purpose and Profit” as an alternative to a social enterprise model which fails to make a profit nor deliver on social outcomes.

Chris Trigg

Chris Trigg

Chris joined the Southern Cross Health Society executive team as Chief Digital Officer in April 2016. Chris is responsible for leading the Digital Platforms team, a role which encompasses the development of digital strategy, application delivery and operational support of the Southern Cross technology environment including the data and analytics function.


Lillian Grace

Lillian Grace

Lillian is the CEO and Founder of Figure.NZ, an organisation that sees numbers as a language that hold our stories – whether it be that there are 42,000 registered labradors in NZ, 24 mushroom farms, or 60,000 births each year. Figure.NZ is the first organisation in the world to make numbers truly accessible for everyone, not just the experts. Lillian believes everyone will benefit when we can all better understand our context, and shift from debating about what is – to where we want to be and how to get there.

Owen Young

Owen Young

Owen is a Professor of Food Science at AUTAfter completing his PhD at La Trobe University, Professor Young undertook postdoctoral study in the USA and New Zealand before working in the Australasian meat industry for 27 years. In his 15 years at AUT University, his research interests have expanded to other protein foods, but as a director of Meat Industry Association Innovation Ltd., and a supervisor of postgraduate meat research, he has maintained strong links to the meat industry, an industry that will have to adapt to a fast changing future.  


Our Guide to the Future

Dave Wild

Dave Wild

Dave Wild is a Futurist who can show you how to see into the future more clearly. How? First by detecting the signals of the future that are all around you. Then innovating to shift from predicting the future, to creating it. By doing this Dave works with organisations across New Zealand and internationally to go further. Faster.

If we want to know what the future relationship between humans and machines will look like, look no further than our own daily interactions with other humans for clues.
— Mark Sagar, Soul Machines

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If you give people tools, and they use their natural abilities and their curiosity, they will develop things in ways that will surprise you very much beyond what you might have expected.
— Bill Gates, Microsoft